of Infinity

Gardens of Infinity is a project of Luke Wolcott and Luke Dressel, a mathematician and interaction designer, respectively. After the idea was conceived in India during the summer of 2013, the content development and design happened in 2014 in Portland, Oregon, before being launched in 2015 from Wisconsin.

We want to present interesting mathematical concepts in a new way, one that is accessible and visually striking. We have no other agenda.

Taken as a whole, this site contains a lot of information, but it is carefully-curated information that leads you to understand some intriguing ideas with the minimal requisite effort. We invite you to digest the material in a piecemeal fashion, returning at different times to explore different modules. Relax, take your time, enjoy the experience, and let your mind be stretched.

Gardens of Infinity is a work in progress. It will evolve over time as we get feedback from visitors.

Please drop us a line anytime at: info [at] gardensofinfinity.com.