Gardens of Infinity

How big is infinity?

What is infinity? What does infinity mean to you? What infinite things do we encounter in our lives? Is there just one -- inconceivably huge -- type of infinity? Or does infinity manifest in a range of forms, shapes, and sizes?

Mathematicians have thought precisely about different types of infinity. Mathematics shows that some infinities are bigger than others. Some infinities are surprisingly small.

On this site we will explain, prove, and reflect on some surprising mathematical results about infinity. We will also tell the story of who developed them -- when, where and how -- and how they were received at the time.

Everything will be explained as simply as possible. There are no mathematical prerequisites, except for curiosity, focus, and an open mind. The site is designed to lead you while letting you follow your curiosity. Information is presented in short modules that allow you to explore at your own pace and revisit.